About Sandra

A graduate of University of Texas in Arlington with three majors: Business, Social Sciences, and Humanities. A licensed IRS Enrolled agent specializing in bookkeeping, tax planning for individuals and business, and IRS tax resolutions which includes Offer and Compromises, payment plans, and audits.

As an Enrolled Agent, Sandra has been Self Employed for over 20 years in the Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping industry. She is currently President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of Enrolled Agents and Director on the State Level of Enrolled Agents, servicing EAs with timely education, case resolution advice, and networking opportunities. Sandra belongs to several professional associations including the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), National Association of Accountants (NSA) and Quickbooks Advisory Committee.

Sandra is the utmost authority is helping her clients set up new business’(including choosing and setting up new business entities), manage and plan current business’ accounts and assets, and maximizing new and existing tax law to benefit her clients personally and professionally.

With your first free one hour consultation, you will view Sandra as the business and personal financial coach you have been searching form. No matter what your situation or need, don’t waste any more time—call today for your free consultation and set a plan in action to “Move Forward with Planning and Purpose.”

Sandra King-Brauer EA

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