Businesses need flexibility . . . we offer it. IRS penalties for inaccurate or incomplete payroll filings loom large. Sandra King Financial Service’s fee for payroll processing is affordable! You may choose from a variety of routines to have your payroll processed. If you’d prefer us to prepare and print laser payroll checks, we can do it for you.


  • We will prepare payroll checks and print them for you or send a pdf for you to print them directly in house,
  • We will process all federal and state reports filing them electronically, make electronic deposit transfers to IRS, and respond to any payroll correspondence requested by any agency.
  • We will prepare yearly unemployment compensation audits.
  • For only Quarterly or Year End reports; 940’s, W-2’s and W-3’s, 1099’s, 1096’s, state reports, you can count on us.

    Simple payroll or complete services . . . we will customize our services to meet your needs.

    Call Sandra King Financial Services and ask about integrating your payroll and bookkeeping needs. We will customize our services to meet your needs.

    617 W Main Street, Suite C
    Arlington, TX 76010



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