IRS Audit

While only about one percent of taxpayers are audited per year, you may find yourself in that minority. Instead of going through the stressful process of an IRS audit alone, why not seek audit representation from Sandra King Financial Services.

If you are selected to meet with the IRS, then you will be notified of what documentation the IRS would like beforehand. Whether the IRS is examining the entirety of your return, or only want clarification for a specific part of the return, Sandra King Financial Services is there to represent you whether it be in person, by correspondence, or by phone. No matter what the issues, we will make sure every available deduction or expense is applied to its fullest.

With a correspondence audit, we will make sure the paperwork is filled out completely and accurately insuring your compliance in representing your information.

With Sandra King Financial Services, the audit could work in your favor and you could walk away from the audit with a refund of taxes already paid or a reduction in taxes still due.

Make the call today to Sandra King Financial Services before time has run out. Staying in compliance is half the battle.

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